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The Office of Management and Enterprise Services, on behalf of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, is accepting bids to deliver and maintain turnkey technology solutions that provide inmates and staff easy accessibility to a variety of communication, intelligence, investigative, educational, informational and correctional management tools and resources.

All questions regarding this solicitation must be posted to this page by 3 p.m. Central Time on Feb. 21, 2018. Questions received after that date may not be answered.

For more information about this solicitation, please go to the 1310004219 solicitation page.

Vendor Questions and Answers

If you are a vendor and wish to ask a question specific to this solicitation, simply login to this community of practice and follow the instructions below. If you are a vendor and do not currently have access to login to this community of practice, please submit an online access request form. In order to guarantee that your access is created prior to closing date for submitting questions for a solicitation, please request access at least 5 business days prior to the closing date for questions. The State of Oklahoma cannot be responsible for a vendor’s lack of access if the request is not made within this timeline.

All questions, including those submitted by e-mail to the contracting officer, must be posted to the wiki. We understand that your access to the wiki may have resulted in a delay in your ability to post questions in accordance with the deadline. However, after you obtain access, you must submit your questions on the wiki to ensure the state’s response is provided.

Adding a New Question

After navigating to the open IT solicitation page (To add a new question, simply choose the "Add Comment" link at the bottom of the appropriate solicitation page. After clicking the link, a text field will open. Type your question in the text field. When you've finished typing your question, select the "Post" button to post your question.

Replying/Posting a Follow-up Question

To ask a follow-up question to an existing question asked by you or another vendor, select the "Reply" link under the comment to which you want to ask your follow-up question. Type your follow-up question in the text box. When you have finished typing, please select the "Post" button.

If you have other questions, please contact the OMES Service Desk at (405) 521-2444 or

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  1. Feb 21, 2018

    What is the current commission percentage being paid to OKDOC?

  2. Feb 21, 2018

    What was the total revenue generated for 2017 by month by call type?

  3. Feb 21, 2018

    What are the current rates for all call types?

  4. Feb 21, 2018

    What are the total number of telephones used for project? Can you please list the facilities with population and phone counts?

  5. Feb 21, 2018

    How many techs are required for this project, both onsite and remote?

  6. Feb 21, 2018

    For the types of products we are looking at offering, a facility tour would be required to adequately bid the projects.  Is it possible to delay the RFP due date to allow for site visits?

  7. Feb 21, 2018

    What is the preferred call length for offenders set by DOC?

  8. Feb 21, 2018

    For purposes of PIN management, does the OKDOC contract with an offender software management provider or operate internally?

  9. Feb 21, 2018

    Does the OKDOC contract with a commissary company or operate internally?

  10. Feb 21, 2018

    Does the OKDOC require an offender allow list for called numbers?

  11. Feb 21, 2018

    Are their any free calls allowed by offenders?  If yes, how many free calls by month were there in 2017?

  12. Feb 21, 2018

    Are all calls to be monitored and or recorded? What is the duration of call recordings storage requirement currently?

  13. Feb 21, 2018

    Does the OKDOC wish to have all features such as video visitation, education, entertainment at all facilities or selected units?

  14. Feb 21, 2018

    How many private corrections facilities houses OKDOC offenders or is this included in the 24 units?

  15. Feb 21, 2018

    Are the private facilities required to utilize the OKDOC state phone service?

  16. Feb 21, 2018

    Will the private facilities also be utilizing all features including video visitation, education and entertainment?

  17. Feb 21, 2018

    Please advise the software management and commissary providers for those facilities if different than the OKDOC operated units

  18. Feb 21, 2018

    Will multiple bids be allowed from the same vendor?

  19. Feb 21, 2018

     Added on behalf of

    1)       General - In order to create insure fair competition between all vendors will the state require ALL New equipment must be installed even by the incumbent at all facilities.

    2)       General - How many full-time support employees does the current Supplier provide for the State, and are these employees able to meet the State’s needs under the current scope of services?

    3)       Main Solicitation, Section C.1, page 15 - To assist Suppliers in accurately capturing all costs associated with the system requested, will the State provide the following?

    a)       List of facilities & addresses

    b)       Current population per facility

    c)       Number of phones per facility

    4)       Main Solicitation, Section C.3, page 15 - To assist Suppliers in accurately capturing all costs associated with the system requested, will the State provide access to intra-facility copper and/or fiber optic cabling where (high bandwidth) services are required?

    5)       Main Solicitation, Section C.3, page 15 - To assist Suppliers in accurately capturing all costs associated with the system requested, will the State provide the following regarding services requiring high network bandwidth?

    a)    Number of video visitation units desired, per facility

    b)    Number of staff and inmate educational and informational content devices desired, per facility

    6)       Main Solicitation, Section D, pages 17-19 – Regarding Evaluation:  Section D and Attachment A appear to indicate that only Attachments B, C, D, E, F, and G are being evaluated.  We are uncertain if this is an accurate conclusion on our part.

    a)       Does this mean that from the main solicitation, sections like E.17 including References, Company Information, and Response to Specifications/Requirements are not to be evaluated, or is this information simply pass/fail? 

    b)       In general, we request some additional specifics regarding how the initial written responses will be evaluated and scored.

    7)       Main Solicitation, Section E.3.1, page 19 - Based on the YouTube video, we understand that this procurement is designed to allow Suppliers to propose a solution rather than the State giving specific requirements.  For non-incumbent Suppliers to determine installation costs and propose accurate pricing in good faith, however, detailed site surveys are necessary. 

    a)       We respectfully request the ability to conduct site surveys at all DOC sites, or if certain sites have similar or identical floorplans, surveys at representative sites.

    b)       As part of those surveys, we also request the ability to ask written questions within one week of the date of the last survey.

    c)       Due to the need for site surveys, we also request an extension to the due date for at least 3 weeks after the response to vendors’ site survey-related questions.

    8)       Main Solicitation, Section E.4, page 19 – Vendor question timelines

    a)       Will the State confirm that written questions are due by date and time stated in Section E.14.4, not Section G.2.4?

    b)       The date given for response to questions in E.4.2 and any amendments is a prior year date.  Will the State disclose when it intends to respond to vendor questions?

    9)       Main Solicitation, Section E.14.4, p. 22 – Given the broad scope of services and need for specificity around revenue and cost items for non-incumbents, will the State allow for a short round of follow-up questions if answers to this round need any further clarification?

    10)   Main Solicitation, Section E.17.4, page 22 – This section requests a detailed response to specifications/requirements in the Solicitation.  Will the State provide more clarity on exactly which specifications/requirements are to be responded to in this one section – are they the specifications Section C “Solicitation Specifications” on pages 15-16, or is it to include additional or other specifications?

    11)   Attachment B – Attachment B appears to be related to a multi-year cost contract, and not applicable to the no-cost contract services being procured.  Attachment B-2 does capture the pricing structure.  Will the State remove Attachment B as not applicable?

    12)   Attachment B-2 – To provide a level playing field for the financial offer, it is important for us to understand the most recent calling volumes and revenue.  Will the State please provide at least the latest 6 months of calls, minutes, and revenue by billing type (Collect, Prepaid Collect, Debit) and calling jurisdiction (Local, Interstate, etc) – e.g.:

    By month Collect / Direct Billed Pre-Paid Collect Debit (Inmate-Paid)
    Month Calls Minutes Gross Revenue Calls Minutes Gross Revenue Calls Minutes Gross Revenue






    13)   Attachment B-2.  Attachment B-2 requires that rates, fees, and commissions shall not exceed the maximums authorized by state or federal regulation.  However, there is no state or federal regulation of in-state calling rates, and within approximately one year no regulation of add-on fees. 


    Making things worse, some vendors divert payments through “third party” companies with common ownership or who provide revenue shares.  The worst of these schemes is “Single Pay” calling (e.g. PayNow, Advance Pay One Connect).  Family members can pay rates and fees totaling up to $15 per call – however, these costs are typically not disclosed because they are claimed “third party” costs.

    Without complete clarity on both fees and policies, constituents could pay exorbitant unreported fees and technical or financial offers artificially subsidized..

    a)       To create a more level playing field, will the State impose the following:

    Billing Fee or Policy Amount
    Prepaid Collect - Purchase through live agent $5.95
    Prepaid Collect - Purchase through automated phone system or internet $3.00
    Prepaid Collect - Purchase through 3rd parties (e.g. MoneyGram, Western Union) Must be disclosed, not to exceed $5.95
    Prepaid Collect - Account refund fee $0
    Prepaid Collect - Purchase by mail $0
    Prepaid Collect - Minimum purchase amount $0
    Prepaid Collect - Account Setup (any funding method) $0
    Prepaid Collect - Monthly account maintenance $0
    Prepaid Collect + Debit – Account expiration Account balances available for use or refund no sooner than 6 months from date of last call
    Prepaid Collect - Cost recovery, USF administration, equipment use, or any other fee not mandated by government agencies Not allowed
    Single Pay calling Not allowed
    All calls – taxes Charged to customer at pass-through only



    b)       If no to a), will the State at a minimum

    i)         Disallow Single Pay calling?

    ii)       Require offerors to disclose all additional fees, regardless of whether they are through a third party, and state whether they are charged per transaction, per call, or other?

    14)   Attachment K - The State's expectation is that all solutions proposed may or may not be utilized at any given time during the contract.  Some of the technologies requested by the State have large costs and their inclusion or exclusion in the Supplier's base offer could have a large impact on cost recovery/shared revenues/commissions to the State.  To ensure a level playing field, will the State disclose how Attachment B-2 will be scored?

  20. Feb 21, 2018

    Questions submitted on behalf of James Formanek, Prodigy

    1)      To obtain a complete understanding of the OK DOC’s facility technology requirements, please provide the following information regarding Section C:

    a)      Which of the current DOC facilities are owned by the State? Which of the facilities are privately owned and leased by the DOC?

    b)      Please provide for each facility the following: when was the facility built and the type of construction, i.e. number of floors, linear, modular etc.

    c)       For each facility, please outline, the ratio of the number inmates to staff in each section/ POD. Please include all section/POD’s, including medical, max security, segregated, general population, etc.

    d)      For each facility, please outline, which section/POD provides direct supervision and which ones have indirect supervision of the inmates?

    e)      What are the DOC security levels defined at each facility location? Within these security levels, are there any restrictions related to inmate communication devices?

    2)      Requested call detail and revenue information for the past 6 months: 

    a)      Total call data for all facilities to include volume of call by jurisdictional type (local, instate- intralata, interstate and international). Please include minutes, gross revenue and cost recovery/commissions paid to the State.

    b)      For each call type and jurisdiction, please break down further the number of calls to include the following: “Advance Pay One Call”, “Collect2Phone”, pre-paid minutes purchased through commissary etc.

  21. Feb 21, 2018

    Posted for Tammy Golchert

    • Section A.9 – “Manufacturers’ Name and Approved Equivalents” Are respondents required to respond to this section? If so, and if applicable to a Respondent, where would Respondent place our response within the layout given in Section E.17?
    • Section A.11.2 – This section states, “Contract awards shall be made to the lowest and best Bid(s) unless this Solicitation specifies that best value criteria is being used.” Can the state please clarify what the state considers to be lowest and what is considered a best bid? Would “lowest” be rates?
    • Section B.1.2 – This section states “Under Oklahoma law, the State may not contract for a period longer than one (1) year (the “Initial Term”). By mutual consent of the parties hereto, it is intended that there shall be four (9) options to renew, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each for duration of one (1) year.” Can the state clarify if the contract has four options to renew or nine options to renew?
    • Section C.3 – Can the state clarify if all the listed services in Section C.3 (inmate phones; video visitation; email messaging; trust account deposit services; inmate self-service applications; staff and inmate educational and informational content; and, security, intelligence and investigative systems and devices) are to be included in our “base offer” and not considered “value adds”?
    • Section D.3 – Dominance Check for Cost Reasonableness. Can the state provide the weighting and ratings that will be used with the selection criteria? Since the state is allowing for multiple products with varying rates and charges, please verify what the state will utilize as the “cost” when evaluating per Section D.3.1.1 through D.3.1.6. In addition, will the state clarify what is meant by “budget”?
    • Section E.7.1.1 indicates that all electronic documents must be submitted as Microsoft Office Word or Excel, or Adobe PDF. Can the state provide clarification on this? Are Respondents allowed to change attachments from the original format provided to another accepted format?
    • Section E.17 --  Bid Deliverables. This section lists the format for hard copy bids, including tabbed sections. Are soft copies to be in this format as well, or should our thumb drives include all separate files?
    • Section E.17 – Bid Deliverables. Do Respondents need to provide a response to the entire Solicitation document itself (General Provisions, Special Provisions, Solicitation Specifications, etc.)? If so, where do these responses need to be placed based on the layout indicated in Section E.17?
    • Section E.17 – Bid Deliverables. Where would responses to E.15 P-Cards, and E.16 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) need to be placed based on the layout indicated in Section E.17?
    • Section E.17 – Bid Deliverables. Where does the Respondent/Payee Form need to be placed based on the layout indicated in this section?
    • Section E.17 – Bid Deliverables. Where does the Evidence of Meeting the Insurance Requirements need to be placed based on the layout indicated in this section?
    • Section E.17 – Bid Deliverables. Where should Respondents include the Milestone Schedule required in Attachment C based on the layout provided in this section?
    • Section E.17.1 – Introduction, item a. Letter of Introduction. Is this section where Respondents should include Attachment A?
    • Section E.17.4. Section Four – Response to Specifications/Requirements. Is this section where Respondents include Attachments C, D, E, and F? If not, where do those Attachments need to be placed? Or is Section Four where Respondents need to place a response to the entire Solicitation document?
    • Section E.17.6 Section Six – Bidder Agreements. What type of agreements should be included in this Section? Please confirm that this is the proposed agreements between the bidder and the state.
    • Section E.17.8 IS Security Document – Should this be tabbed as Section Seven or be provided as a stand-alone document in our response?

    Attachment B – Cost Proposal Form

    • Can the state please clarify what they mean by “Critical Individual”?
    • What is meant by “Project Rate”?
    • Do Respondents need to separate out the video visitation charge vs. the telephone rate?

    Attachment B2 – Cost Spreadsheet

    • Can Respondents modify the table in Attachment B2, for example add additional rows to provide multiple offers or additional services?
    • Are Respondents allowed to propose a cost recovery higher than $3.5 million, if so, will any points be awarded toward the increase above $3.5?
    • Can we submit multiple offers? If so, how would those offers be submitted and evaluated?

    Attachment C – Contract Schedule

    • Should Respondents provide multiple versions of milestone schedules if multiple options are offered?
    • Given that this a one-year contract, are Respondents supposed to answer in single year increments for the contract schedule and milestone schedule?
    • Would the DOC be willing to do a pre-bid site visit/walkthrough to identify the number of video visitation units needed per site? If not, can the DOC provide a rough estimate to Respondents for the number of units required?

    Attachment D – Level of Expertise, Risk Assessment, Value Added Checklist and Format

    • How can Respondents prove their capabilities and how does the state verify a Respondent’s claim if they are not allowed to list names, past projects, or information? Does this conflict with the “Documented Performance” section of Attachment E?

    Attachment E – Level of Expertise Plan

    • Will the DOC require that all Respondents who respond have at least two other Department of Corrections of similar size where the products offered have been deployed?
    • Attachment E indicates that a Respondent may describe where the Respondent has used the approach or solution previously. Does this mean a Respondent is allowed to put the name of the customer?

    Attachment F – Risk Assessment Plan

    • To accurately determine all risks associated with video visitation and/or in-pod kiosks, would the DOC be willing to do a pre-bid site visit/walkthrough to identify the number of video visitation units and/or in-pod kiosks needed per site? If not, can the DOC provide a rough estimate to Respondents for the number of units required?
    • Attachment F indicates that a Respondent should describe where the Risk Assessment approach or solution previously utilized. Does this mean a Respondent is allowed to put the name of the customer?

    Attachment G – Value Added Plan

    • Attachment G indicates that a Respondent should describe where the Respondent has used the approach or solution previously, and what the results were in terms of verifiable metrics. Does this mean a Respondent is allowed to put the name of the customer?
  22. Feb 23, 2018

    Thank you all for your questions. We will get these answered as soon as possible. We have been delayed with the winter weather this week. We appreciate your interest and patience!

    - Jess

  23. Mar 07, 2018

    Please see the attached Amendment 1 addressing an extension to the original solicitation close date.