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The Office of Management and Enterprise Services is seeking responses from potential suppliers to provide audio/video technology systems for the design, acquisition, installation, training and ongoing support of audiovisual and instructional technologies.

All questions regarding this solicitation must be posted to this page by 3 p.m. Central Time on April 12, 2018. Questions received after that date may not be answered.

For more information about this solicitation, please go to the 0900000309 solicitation page.

Vendor Questions and Answers

If you are a vendor and wish to ask a question specific to this solicitation, simply login to this community of practice and follow the instructions below. If you are a vendor and do not currently have access to login to this community of practice, please submit an online access request form. In order to guarantee that your access is created prior to closing date for submitting questions for a solicitation, please request access at least 5 business days prior to the closing date for questions. The State of Oklahoma cannot be responsible for a vendor’s lack of access if the request is not made within this timeline.

All questions, including those submitted by e-mail to the contracting officer, must be posted to the wiki. We understand that your access to the wiki may have resulted in a delay in your ability to post questions in accordance with the deadline. However, after you obtain access, you must submit your questions on the wiki to ensure the state’s response is provided.

Adding a New Question

After navigating to the open IT solicitation page (To add a new question, simply choose the "Add Comment" link at the bottom of the appropriate solicitation page. After clicking the link, a text field will open. Type your question in the text field. When you've finished typing your question, select the "Post" button to post your question.

Replying/Posting a Follow-up Question

To ask a follow-up question to an existing question asked by you or another vendor, select the "Reply" link under the comment to which you want to ask your follow-up question. Type your follow-up question in the text box. When you have finished typing, please select the "Post" button.

If you have other questions, please contact the OMES Service Desk at (405) 521-2444 or

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  1. Mar 14, 2018

    Regarding Freight,

    Should the cost of the item include freight or will that be determined at the time of the order and invoiced as a separate line item? 

    Thank you

    1. Mar 14, 2018

      Freight will be determined based upon the order and invoiced on a separate line.